Romanaized title
Ōshima hikki

表紙には「大島筆記 全」とあるが、本書は戸部良煕(とべよしひろ)著『大島筆記』上の写本である。書写年代不明。宝暦12(1762)年、琉球から薩摩へ向かった楷船が大風にあって土佐藩の栢(かしわ)島に漂着する事件があり、船は栢島から宿毛(すくも)の大島に回航された。その時に土佐藩の儒者戸部良煕が、使者の潮平盛成らに首里王府の政治や文化などを尋問した。その内容をまとめた書物が『大島筆記』である。上下付録の全3巻にまとめている。本書は『大島筆記』の上巻にあたる。上巻は、漂着者52人の名簿と、遭難の様子、各人の経歴を最初に書いている。次に琉球国体、人物風俗、年中大略、官位、朝服、地名、産物、琉球語などを記している。本書には、「宝玲文庫」「西荘文庫」という蔵書印が押されている。前者はフランク・ホーレーの印で、後者は小津桂窓(おづけいそう)の印である。(2017年4月20日更新)


On the book cover, there is a title of "Ōshima hikki zen", but this book is a manuscript of the 1st volume of Ōshima hikki written by Tobe Yoshihiro. It is unknown when this manuscript was made. In 1762, there was an accident that a ship from Ryukyu to Satsuma was flown to Kashiwa Island of Tosa domain because of a gale, and the ship was brought to Ōshima of Sukumo from Kashiwa Island. Tobe Yoshihiro who was a scholar of Confucianism of Tosa domain interviewed Shiohira Seisei and the other envoys about the politics and the culture of Shuri Ōfu at that time. Ōshima hikki is a record of the interview. It is composed of 2 volumes and 1 appendix. This book is the 1st volume of Ōshima hikki. In the 1st volume, it contains the name list of 52 men carried by the gale, the situation of the shipwreck and the career of each person. And then, it describes that a government of Ryukyu, personality, customs and manners, annual events and festivals, government officials and ranks, official clothes, place names, local products, Ryukyuan language and etc.. There are ownership stamps of "Hawley bunko" and "Seisō bunko". The former is a stamp of Frank Hawley, and the latter is a stamp of Ozu Keisō. (Updated on November 4, 2022)

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