Romanaized title
Ryūkyū kayō



This is a woodblock printed lyric book, made in sutra book style, which contains three Ryukyuan kuduchi style verses: "Nubui Kuduchi" (Going-up Verse), "Kudai Kuduchi" (Coming-down Verse),and "Shiki Kuduchi" (Seasonal Verse), as well as Japanese lyrics with a reading aid in Japanese hiragana letters on the front side of the book. On the back side are the lyrics of "Nubui Kuduchi"and "Kudai Kuduchi"in the Ryukyuan language, written in katakana letters, with an explanation of the unique characteristics of language. The author is unknown. It is possibly a music program, which was distributed at restaurants where musical performances were provided.
Probably completed around the 20th century.(Updated on August 4, 2015)

日本語 / Japanese
ハワイ大学マノア校図書館管理番号 : HW591

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