Romanaized title
Kujira tori



A copy. The author and completion date are unknown. It contains: 1) legendary tales of Matsura Sayohime (princess) of Hizen Province (present-day Saga and Nagasaki Prefecture), 2) strange tales of the same place. 1) is supposedly based on Matsura Sayohime Sekkonroku, written by Takizawa Bakin. 2)'s source is unknown, but contains a large amount of description on kujiragumi (whale association) of a Mr. Nakao from Yobuko (a place in Northern Saga). It also includes drawings of ships, different types of whales, how whales are caught, etc. The former owner of this book, Frank Hawley, was also a scholar studying the whaling culture of Japan. He collected various kinds of books regarding the subject for his research and studies (called "Whale Collection"). The majority of the collection were sold to a whale museum located in the northeastern United States (Shomotsu ni Miserareta Eikokujin, Yokoyama Manabu, p.146). This book is probably one of those which were not sold to the whale museum at that time; which is probably why it ended up in the University of Hawai'i collection.(Updated on August 6, 2015)

日本語 / Japanese
ハワイ大学マノア校図書館管理番号 : HW677

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